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Taking on any television series is a big commitment for an actor — let alone a series with a built-in fanbase and franchise expectations — so it should come as no surprise that Damon Lindelof put a lot of thought into how he could convince recent Oscar-winner Regina King to lead his HBO drama, “Watchmen.”

“So graciously, he sent me a letter with the script that no one else could read,” Regina King told the audience at New York Comic-Con Friday afternoon. She added that scripts and offers are typically sent through her agents, but Lindelof bypassed those representatives. “It came directly to my house. It said, this is his next project out, it’s dear to him, and he couldn’t see anyone else to be on this journey with.

“I was like, ‘I don’t even really care what I was about to read. I’m in it!’” King said, but when she did read the pilot, she was even more convinced. “I never read anything like this. I’ve never seen this woman before. She’s so complex. You may have heard me talk about playing complex roles before, but she blew me out of the water.”

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