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Do clothes make the superwoman? “Watchmen” star Regina King, for one, knows she looks best in pieces that put her at ease. Reclining on a couch in a Manhattan photo studio, the Oscar-winning actress is rocking a hooded black sweatsuit and a bandana, her gorgeous hazel eyes rimmed with dramatic liner from the Alexa shoot.

“I’m a suit person, a flats person,” she says. “I love a good sneaker, an awesome loafer.” And, oh, the virtues of a soft pant! “I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I feel okay walking into a room and being the only person in a sweatsuit,” she says. “I am totally fine with that. I don’t feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m underdressed.’ Not even a little bit.” At home in Los Angeles, or everywhere? “Everywhere.” She smiles.

King is so self-assured, I assume she commands every room she enters, no matter what she’s wearing. She doesn’t need a superhero outfit to exude badassery — but it’s still pretty cool.

“I got chills,” King says, recalling the first time she saw her “Watchmen” costume. As detective Sister Night on the HBO show, she fights crime in head-to-toe leather. Her ensemble has a deep hood, fabric covering her lower face and a flowing skirt-cape. It evokes both nun and Batman — and is a stark contrast to the stereotypical bustier-clad female superhero.

Who better to give this trope a shove forward than King, a beacon of excellence in every role she’s had? “When I read the script,” she says, “I felt like I had never seen anything like it on TV or film in my life.”

Nor, judging from its debut’s critical raves, has anyone else. King’s character is the heart of Damon Lindelof’s (“Lost,” “The Leftovers”) riff on the groundbreaking 1986 graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, which deconstructed superhero mythology and mined the nuclear paranoia of the decade.

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