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Despite receiving rave reviews, HBO’s Watchmen is ironically a hard show to watch at times – and according to its lead star Regina King, it’s sometimes just as difficult for the cast and crew to film it.

An original spin on Alan Moore’s graphic novel source material, the show shines a light on the history of white supremacy in the US.

And King says that, while filming for episode six of the first series, there was a moment that hit her and a crew member so hard that they were left in tears.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, she said: “It was so emotional for all of us on set, you know?

“One of the guys from our prop department, Brett, and I got really close throughout the shooting of the show, because we’re about the same age. He’s a white guy. I’m a black woman. But we got to know each other… because he’s the one who would prop me up every day, to put on my badge and the cross and all of the stuff.

“We got to [episode six], and he had to put that noose on me. We both ended up in tears. It comes back for me again, but it just goes to show the history of how much pain has surrounded race and violence in our country – and how much it has made up the fabric of our country.”

She continued: “We pretend— or, some want it to be erased. And it’s realising that that desire by some to erase it, is them not facing their own pain surrounding it. Because it’s terrifying to deal with pain. You know, as humans, that what we try to do. We try to avoid it all the time. And then just as black people, we have not only pain, but also so much anger wrapped up in the pain.

“So there’s a reckoning that America has to come to. I think we are at its door with a lot of things that are happening.”


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