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One of the most striking images of the year in pop culture centers on a masked crime fighter.

Gracing billboards, buildings and buses over the summer was the promotional poster for “Watchmen,” HBO’s reimagining of the revolutionary graphic novel about a group of costumed vigilantes. Clothed in a hooded black cloak, star Regina King, who plays the avenger Sister Night, dominates the image, projecting a demeanor that reads as forceful, fearless.

Much of the poster’s boldness stems from its historical significance: “Watchmen,” which concludes its acclaimed, highly rated first season Sunday, is the first major superhero drama on TV to star an African American woman. And that distinction comes after the “Watchmen” franchise, which includes Alan Moore’s original comic and a 2009 feature film, had not previously featured any characters of color.

But “Watchmen” also represents the latest and perhaps most prominent milestone in King’s triumphant career, to the point that her performance has been singled out as one of the keys to the series’ success. Since starting her Hollywood résumé in 1985 as a teen in the NBC sitcom “227,” King has steadily worked in numerous films and TV shows, and in the last 10 years has ascended into the top ranks of the Hollywood elite, collecting an armful of awards and thunderous critical acclaim along the way. And after years of supporting roles or shared leads, she is the undisputed star of “Watchmen.”

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