Character: Brenda Jenkins

Created by: Bill Boulware

Directed by: Gerren Keith, Arlando Smith, Tony Singletary, Ellen Gittelsohn, Oz Scott, Whitney J. LeBlanc, Mikki Capparelli, Ed Cambridge, Gary Brown, Bob Lally

Written by: Bill Boulware, Jack Elinson, Christine Houston, Michael G. Moye

Produced by: Larry Spencer, Bob Myer, Bob Young, Ronald Rubin, John Maxwell Anderson, Roy Campanella II,

Cast Members: Helen Martin, Marla Gibbs, Hal Williams, Alaina Reed-Hall

Released date: September 14, 1985

Episode(s) Number: Appeared in almost all episodes

Genre: Comedy

This series took place in an apartment building numbered 227. The cast would frequently be sitting outside on a large set of stone stairs, involved in some discussion that would unfold into the weekly plotline.


• Join Marla Gibbs and an apartment building full of crazies on the funny side of the street!

In Regina’s words…

227 was priceless for me. It was my foundation. I would not be here without it,” she said. “Just being with Marla Gibbs, Hal Williams, Alaina Reed, Jackee — it was school. [from Regina King on white lies, directing and ‘227’]

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