Southland (Season 2)
2.01 – Phase Three
aired on March 2, 2010
Directed by: Christopher Chulack | Written by: Ann Biderman, John Wells

Detective Lydia Adams has to adjust to life with a new partner, Rene Cordero, as they investigate the kidnapping of an elderly man, while Detective Russell Clarke is hospitalized. Chickie Brown ends up in a mini-riot when her new partner, Officer “Slug” Ferguson, accidentally shoots at an unarmed joyriding suspect.
2.02 – Butch and Sundance
aired on March 9, 2010
Directed by: Nelson McCormick | Written by: Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess

John and Ben are the first responders to a triple homicide in Hancock Park, where a mother is bludgeoned to death and her two daughters are found bound, gagged, raped, and killed. A reluctant Det. Salinger allows Sammy and Nate to join an operation to take down a drug kingpin.
2.03 – U-Boat
aired on March 16, 2010
Directed by: Christopher Chulack | Written by: Ann Biderman

Officer Cooper offers to go on patrol with Officer Chickie Brown, where he tells her that she is no longer a “good cop” due to her lack of command presence. Ben winds up in a patrol unit alone for the first time. Among the cases he has to handle on his own are a missing girl and a stalking case.
2.04 – The Runner
aired on March 23, 2010
Directed by: Guy Ferland | Written by: Diana Son

Lydia and her new partner, Ray Suarez, arrive in South Central, where a young SULA student/track star was murdered. Suspicion is placed on a SULA football star. Ben and John visit Dewey in rehab and attend a former police officer’s funeral in Indian Wells.
2.06 – Maximum Deployment
aired on April 6, 2010
Directed by: J. Michael Muro | Written by: David Graziano

Officers Cooper, Sherman and Brown are dispatched as part of a maximum deployment to catch a rapist who is impersonating a police officer. Det. Clarke returns as Lydia’s partner to investigate a double homicide. Det. Salinger’s wife, Captain Susan Salinger, learns of his affair with television reporter Mia Sanchez (Lisa Vidal) through his daughter.