Southland (Season 5)
5.01 – Hats and Bats
aired on February 13, 2013
Directed by: Christopher Chulack | Written by: Jonathan Lisco

Ideals clash as John Cooper trains a new rookie officer, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan. Detective Lydia Adams struggles to care for her newborn while maintaining a grip on her job, leaving Christopher in her mother’s hands while she contemplates informing the father of his baby’s birth. Officer Sammy Bryant continues his custody battle over his son Nate with his ex-wife, who is increasingly looking to frame Sammy as an abusive, unfit, and harassing father unfit for full, let alone shared custody. Officer Ben Sherman is awarded the medal of valor under dubious circumstances, and is letting the commendation go to his head while on the job.
5.02 – Heat
aired on February 20, 2013
Directed by: Daniel Sackheim | Written by: Heather Zuhlke

Tensions are high after a suspected drive-by shooting wounds Officer David Mendoza. Motivated by Mendoza protecting him from disciplinary action after a drunken night earlier, Ben is committed to take justice into his own hands, even if ethics are thrown out the window and lives are put at risk. Officer John Cooper and his new trainee continue to clash on what it means to wear the uniform of LAPD until a seemingly routine traffic stop finally settles things once and for all. Detective Lydia Adams investigates the death of a man whose body is found in the mountains, and immediately suspects the man’s wife, a professional boxer. An unforeseen tragedy hits home for one of LAPD’s own just as things were starting to look better.
5.03 – Babel
aired on February 20, 2013
Directed by: J. Michael Muro | Written by: Aaron Rahsaan Thomas

Faced with the recent and sudden departure of his latest rookie officer, Officer John Cooper refuses to train a new boot. He is paired with Officer Henry “Hank” Lucero, a veteran officer whose methods clash with Cooper’s and refuses to be treated like a rookie. The dispatch center goes down, resulting in heavily delayed response times. Sammy tries to talk to his ex-wife, resulting in a confrontation and a subsequent complaint to Internal Affairs. Sammy and Ben respond to a mass shooting at a local community center where a white supremacist opens fire on an ESL class. Detective Lydia Adams plans her mother’s funeral while getting her life in order. Adams also tries to get in contact with an old love.
5.04 – Under the Big Top
aired on March 6, 2013
Directed by: Felix Alcalá | Written by: Sara Gran

Officer Sammy Bryant faces a financial crisis when a court evaluator finds he needs to make several expensive renovations in order to keep his child. Temptations arise when he and his partner, Officer Ben Sherman, chase a bank robber by car and later into the subway. Detectives Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson find themselves investigating a missing persons case where a body is discovered dissolved in acid – but the case may not be all that it appears. The father of Detective Adams’ son insists on being a part of his child’s life, resulting in a major headache for Lydia. Officers John Cooper and Henry Lucero find themselves on the receiving end of some very strange and unusual calls.
5.05 – Off Duty
aired on March 13, 2013
Directed by: Regina King | Written by: Zack Whedon

Officer Sammy Bryant has to take a second job working private security for a celebrity to make ends meet, but ends up becoming a tabloid celebrity himself with unwanted paparazzi attention after going beyond the call of duty. Officer John Cooper begins to think about what life will hold for him once he leaves the LAPD as he responds to a call which could place his surgically repaired back in danger. Detective Lydia Adams leaves the city in order to convince a death row inmate to tell her the locations of several bodies in murders he is suspected of. Officer “Dewey” Dudek suffers a heart attack during a foot pursuit which lands him in the hospital. Officer Ben Sherman helps the drug squad nab a major dealer by turning in his unsuspecting former high school acquaintance and dealer. As the accolades and praise continue to pile up and growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of change on the streets, Sherman contemplates taking the detective exam.
5.06 – Bleed Out
aired on March 20, 2013
Directed by: Christopher Chulack | Written by: Chad Feehan

Lydia and Ruben investigate the suspicious death of an infant. Sammy begins to grow detached and unfocused as the weight of the internal investigation lingers.
5.07 – Heroes
aired on March 27, 2013
Directed by: J. Michael Muro | Written by: Heather Zuhlke

Officer John Cooper takes drastic measures to save his former training officer, Hicks, from his own alcoholism. Upon reporting for work, John is confronted by a priest who attempts to convince him to visit his dying father in prison, a request he steadfastly refuses. Detective Lydia Adams searches for a dead John Doe killed during a robbery while contemplating having her child’s (recently divorced) father share parental duties. Sammy’s lie to IA about not being in possession of the video camera (with footage of his altercation with Tammy) weighs heavily on his conscience, resulting in an angry outburst. Ben’s relationship with Elena grows more serious as he wonders if Sammy will come clean to IA and throw him under the bus after Ben lied to protect him.
5.08 – The Felix Paradox
aired on April 3, 2013
Directed by: Stephen Cragg | Written by: Aaron Rahsaan Thomas

The funeral of a major drug dealer brings gangsters of all kinds out of the woodwork. Ben Sherman breaks up with the teacher he’s been dating after meeting her parents. Sherman doesn’t like the fact that they’re privileged rich people and just because she works at an inner-city school doesn’t mean she really understands. Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson investigate the drug related murder of Sgt. Hill’s son; they discover police corruption in the process and clash over how to handle it, eventually turning it over to I.A.B. Ben and Sammy find a little girl away from home, they take her back home where they find a lot of drugs. Five guys show up and are mad the cops entered the home, threaten to do the same to them. Ben suspects that Sammy did not destroy the tape of his altercation with Tammi and decides to take matters into his own hands with tragic consequences. Ben has someone break into Sammy’s house to steal the tape and make it look like a robbery and vandalism job by the guys from the house they found drugs at earlier that day. The babysitter was home with Sammy’s son; the baby sitter was hurt in the robbery. After Cooper’s partner, Hank Lucero, is grazed by a bullet that was shot at him they go to eat at his wife’s restaurant, Cooper overhears a conversation and finds out that Hank has been separated from his wife and hasn’t seen his wife or kids in one and a half years but is telling Cooper and everyone he goes home to them every day. John sinks further into his loneliness; he tells his ex-wife that he now wants to have a baby with her to raise together, even though they wouldn’t work out romantically.
5.09 – Chaos
aired on April 10, 2013
Directed by: Christopher Chulack | Written by: Zack Whedon

Fed up with Lucero’s continued homophobic remarks, Cooper invites him to have a beer, then takes him to a gay bar where he reveals his sexuality and tells him to cut it out. Lucero, however, goes from being apologetic to being even more insulting and angry, eventually starting a fight with Cooper which he loses and ending the night spewing insults at him. The next day, a distress call leads them to an abandoned building where Lucero screws up on handcuffing a meth-head and leads to another addict knocking him and Cooper unconscious and taking their uniforms and guns and abducting them to a desolate, run-down location. Cooper tries to stay strong as the two kidnappers focus their paranoid fury on Lucero by beating and then torturing him. Cooper and Lucero expect to die, but after one of the meth-heads freaks out and shoots Lucero in the head, they both flee and Cooper tries and fails to save Lucero’s life. The cops eventually find the location after several dead ends and Cooper reels in shock from the events of the last 24 hours.
5.10 – Reckoning
aired on April 17, 2013
Directed by: Christopher Chulack | Written by: Jonathan Lisco

Sammy closes in on the real robbers. Ben makes his girlfriend’s brother, Cris, who broke into Sammy’s house leave town. He also has Cris’ car towed so the helicopter patrol won’t spot it. Sammy finds the tow records and ties it back to Ben. After confronted with this Ben admits what he did but justifies his action because he lied for Sammy but Sammy wouldn’t destroy the tape. They end up in a physical altercation. Lydia continues to pursue John’s kidnappers. They eventually corner him and the SWAT team kills the suspect when he won’t surrender. Lydia’s relationship with her former partner, Russell (Tom Everett Scott), grows. Ben’s previous girlfriend, the school teacher, continues to bother him; she shows up at Ben’s current girlfriend’s house that she found by installing a location finder application on his phone. John copes with the aftermath of his kidnapping but doesn’t want to admit he’s having a difficult time. He’s currently on desk duty which he’s upset about. It doesn’t help him when his ex-wife, who he has been staying with since his kidnapping, tells him she no longer wants to have a child with him. All his stresses come to a head when the neighbors John suspects of growing marijuana call him a pig for turning off their loud generator. John disarms one of the neighbors and uses his gun to beat the other neighbor. The police show up and shoot John twice when he stands up, gun in his hand but at his side. The episode fades out before it is known if John lives or dies.