Starring Regina King
A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Character: Mia Williams
Directed by: Martin Lawrence
Written by: Martin Lawrence, Bentley Kyle Evans, Kenny Buford, Kim Bass
Produced by: George Jackson, Doug McHenry
Other cast: Martin Lawrence, Lynn Whitfield, Bobby Brown, Daryl Mitchell, Roger E. Mosley, Della Reese
Release date: April 3, 1996
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Running time: 1h 48min

Ladies' man Darnell Wright is used to getting his way with women. Although he is committed to marrying his longtime love, Mia, he can't help himself when he meets the beautiful and standoffish Brandi. After bedding and then trying to ditch Brandi, Darnell is in for an unpleasant surprise: the unhinged Brandi is not about to let Darnell dump her, and she will do anything to exact revenge on him for tossing her aside.


→ When you play, you pay.
→ She’s had it with bad boys. Now it’s time to get even…
→ While some women are waiting to exhale, this one is ready to get even.


♦ Regina King, who played Mia, was pregnant during the filming of this movie and didn’t tell anyone until the movie was finished.