Starring Regina King
Jerry Maguire
Character: Marcee Tidwell
Directed by: Cameron Crowe
Written by: Cameron Crowe
Produced by: Cameron Crowe, Laurence Mark, Richard Sakai, James L. Brooks
Other cast: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston, Jerry O'Connell
Release date: December 13, 1996
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Running time: 2h 19min

When slick sports agent Jerry Maguire has a crisis of conscience, he pens a heartfelt company-wide memo that promptly gets him fired. Desperate to hang on to the athletes that he represents, Jerry starts his own management firm, with only single mother Dorothy Boyd joining him in his new venture. Banking on their sole client, football player Rod Tidwell, Jerry and Dorothy begin to fall in love as they struggle to make their business work.


→ Everybody loved him… Everybody disappeared.
→ The rest of his life begins now.
→ The journey is everything.

Character’s Quotes

• How about you be the first man in the family to stop using that phrase, and then maybe we’ll let you live.