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‘Watchmen’ star Regina King on race, dating and her directorial debut

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Do clothes make the superwoman? “Watchmen” star Regina King, for one, knows she looks best in pieces that put her at ease. Reclining on a couch in a Manhattan photo studio, the Oscar-winning actress is rocking a hooded black sweatsuit and a bandana, her gorgeous hazel eyes rimmed with dramatic liner from the Alexa shoot. “I’m a suit person, […]

‘Watchmen’ Star Regina King on Bringing a “Wonderful Story of Legacy” to Life

The Hollywood Reporter speaks with the face of HBO’s powerful new franchise: “Legacy is one of those words you hear all the time in comic books, and it plays here as well.” It’s October 2, 2019. Regina King sits in a hotel room in New York City. Across from the award-winning actress is a poster […]

‘Watchmen’ gives Regina King her first superhero role — and takes a bold look at race relations in 2019

Who watches the Watchmen? Not Regina King. At least not initially. When the Academy Award-winning actress agreed to join HBO’s new “Watchmen” series, she had not seen the 2009 film of the same name directed by Zack Snyder. She also hadn’t read the ’80s DC Comics tale by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, widely considered […]

Not My Job: We Quiz ‘Watchmen’ Star Regina King On Luxury Watches

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Oscar winner Regina King — who has appeared in Jerry Maguire, If Beale Street Could Talk and The Boondocks — is now starring in the HBO superhero series Watchmen. We’ve invited King to play a game called “I’m not a watchman, I’m a watch man.” Three questions about luxury watches inspired by this Gary Shteyngart piece in The New Yorker. Read the transcript from our […]

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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As part of promotion for Watchmen, yesterday Regina King visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! You can enjoy some HQ photos in gallery and a video from the interview. Public Appearances > 2019 > Oct 10 | Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel Live: Regina King on Winning an Oscar, Trip to Italy & Watchmen