Starring Regina King

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

October 11, 2019   No Comment   Interviews, Stills, Videos

As part of promotion for Watchmen, yesterday Regina King visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! You can enjoy some HQ photos in gallery and a video from the interview. Public Appearances > 2019 > Oct 10 | Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel Live: Regina King on Winning an Oscar, Trip to Italy & Watchmen

Marie Claire: All Hail Regina King

October 10, 2019   No Comment   Interviews, Magazines, Photoshoots, Videos

People say the eyes are windows to the soul, but Regina King says it’s the teeth. Mine are the first thing she notices. “You got some lipstick here,” she says, gesturing at her own front teeth. “My desire to be a career actor was not always my desire,” she tells me. “I thought I was […]

Primetime Emmy Awards (Video)

September 23, 2019   No Comment   Appearances, Interviews, Videos

Regina presented the ‘In Memoriam’ at the Emmys, a beautiful commemorative moment remembering all we lost during this year. Here is the video clip from her introduction.

“Watchmen” Featurette

September 10, 2019   No Comment   Television, Videos, Watchmen

The wicked ride starts 10/20. Watchmen examines how we as a society feel about heroes, most notably people who wear masks and fight crime.