Starring Regina King
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    Regina King in an excerpt from the 2020 Los Angeles Times Envelope Emmys Drama Roundtable
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    HBO’s “Watchmen,” Regina King plays Angela Abar, also known as the masked police detective Sister Night. A drama about the legacy of racial trauma, “Watchmen” shows us the way we live now through the lens of the eponymous 1986 graphic novel — a world in which costumed vigilantes are very much a real thing. Reese Witherspoon — who worked with King in “Legally Blonde 2” in 2003 — was in three shows recently: “Big Little Lies,” “The Morning Show” and “Little Fires Everywhere.” In the last one, set in upper-middle-class Shaker Heights, Ohio, in the ’90s, she plays Elena Richardson, an uptight white woman we would now call a Karen. Angela would arrest Elena for her white privilege.
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    Regina King talks about the worldwide protests against police brutality, the relevancy of Watchmen and exposing audiences to historical events like the Tulsa massacre.
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    Regina talks about being inspired to make change after the tragic death of George Floyd, the need for real systemic change in America, getting out to vote in local and national elections, educating herself, ongoing conversations with her 24-year-old son about interacting with law enforcement, her HBO show “Watchmen,” and her character Sister Knight’s mask making her more recognizable during COVID-19.
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    Behind the scenes of Regina King's shoot for Rolling Stone's Women Shaping The Future issue.
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    “The best way to celebrate success is how it plays out in your next venture”. Oscar-winning actress Regina King shares her perspective of how to Make Your Way.

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